Danilo Bruschi is full professor at the Department of Computer Science of the University of Milan, Italy, where he leads the Laser Laboratory. He is one of the pioneers of the system security field in Italy as well as in europe.

He received a PhD in Computer Science from University of Milan. He was a Honorary fellow at University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Research interests: System security, Operating systems, computer forensics, computer security social implications and privacy, computational complexity.

Former and current PhD students:

  1. Francesco Ravasio

  2. Lorenzo Martignoni

  3. Lorenzo Cavallaro

  4. Andrea Lanzi

  5. Giampaolo Fresi Roglia

  6. Roberto Paleari

  7. Emanuele Passerini

  8. Alessandro Reina

  9. Aristide Fattori

  10. Srdjan matic